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In-house UGC solutions By Be Seen Socials

So you’ve probably seen thousands (or even millions) of videos and images of people using or smiling with a product, sometimes you wonder if they just love the product or that influencer is being paid a small fortune for the content and this is where User generated content (UGC) is so important for a brands social proof and it’s advocacy.

UGC can be time consuming for any internal teams or small business owners to create and it can be VERY expensive to pay different and individual content creators every-time you need a piece of content. Which is why we introduced our in-house (or in-studio) UGC solution.

Our UGC packages are tailored to each brand, meaning you can choose how many or how often you need to receive UGC. One-off payments for half-day shoots are perfect for brands or small businesses that need a large number of content in a short period of time. Monthly UGC shoots are tailored to brands that benefit best from consistent content, that is trend or change focused (imagine having a content team constantly searching the current Tiktok or reels trends and applying them to your product or business every month!)

PROS of Be Seen’s UGC:

  • The ability to approve and not approved content before considering it purchased UGC

  • Having a strict and controlled brief to ensure content is exactly what you’re looking for

  • To have up to 6 faces in one piece of content (Be Seen’s in-house team)

  • Unlimited to access to studio space and other locations

  • Unlimited content amount as it measured in time/hours rather than per image or video


  • Fashion editorial video and still images (on location and in studio), Try on hauls, trending transitions, get ready with me’s.

  • Product reviews & how-to demonstrations (talking and tutorial style - video and still images)

  • Group and duo shots with multiple brand product offerings (on location and in studio)

  • Flat-lay and product focused images and video - aesthetic styled shots

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