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So you know you need social media for your brand to be seen, but you aren't ready or able to give it over to the experts. However, you still need expert mentorship or guidance to optimise your business's offering. If this is the case, it's time to invest in one of our social consultants.

Introducing Be Seen's newest package, Social Consultanting, specifically designed to support, mentor, and provide guidance to businesses that fit into two client tiers.

Tier 1: Ideal for companies with teams consisting of more than three employees.

Tier 2: Ideal for one-on-one or smaller teams made up of fewer than three people.

Our consultancy package is a comprehensive guide to social media success. It includes a full audit of your social media platforms and accounts, as well as social strategy building to ensure consistency across your chosen platforms. We also provide concept design for content creation, along with weekly check-ins and monthly strategy meetings to keep your social media presence on track.

Why Social Consultancy Is Not Management:

This social consultancy package is not a replacement for full social media management. Our deluxe or elite package is better suited for clients who lack the time and resources to create content or manage social media accounts on a day-to-day basis.

Our consultancy package is a personalised guide, mentorship, and strategy building service. It is only beneficial for clients who take action on the content plan designed for them outside of our Be Seen content studio/office, remain consistent, and put in the time that would otherwise be completed by our in-house social media managers and creators. The package is designed to keep you accountable for your own social media success, and you will learn key skills in social media marketing and content creation.


Social consultancy is right for you if:

  1. You have the time or resources to produce high-quality content regularly.

  2. You are able to post multiple times a week across multiple platforms.

  3. You have a strong team or support that can execute these strategies regularly.

  4. You are ready to commit to a long-term social plan, with weekly check-ins and monthly strategy meetings for 6-12 months or more.


Do you want to learn more and see if you qualify for Tier 1 or Tier 2 consultancy services? Enquire below: 

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